Mecconti conforms to the requirements of the ATCC Licensed Derivative@ Program for ensuring the identity and purity of ATCC@ microorganisms contained in its quality control microbiology products.The ATCC Licensed Derivative Program is a standard for monitoring the quality of microorganisms derived from ATCC biological materials and used in quality control processes. ATCC assures that the microbial strains contained in commercial quality control production marked with the Emblem have been approved for distribution and sale as derivatives of ATCC biological materials.

The ATCC Licensed Derivative® Program

The ATCC Licensed Derivative® Program is an initiative aimed at improving the quality of microbiology products and protecting consumers impacted by them.

The ATCC Licensed Derivative® Program assures QC microbiologists that commercial products bearing the ATCC Licensed Derivative® emblem contain microorganisms with confirmed identity, viability and purity.

As a public science organization, ATCC takes very seriously its responsibility to try to ensure the safety and quality of the materials it provides. In joining ATCC’s effort and passing ATCC’s rigorous evaluation of MECCONTI’s quality control process, MECCONTI’s customers can be assured that our family of microorganisms is derived directly from ATCC cultures and is controlled to maintain its identity, purity and viability in products used in the industrial, clinical or environmental setting.

To assure proper handling along the chain of distribution MECCONTI’s distributors of its ATCC Licensed Derivative® products have to meet certain standards and have to subscribe to the provisions of the ATCC Licensed Derivative® Program. To ensure proper handling and use of these products the end user has to enter into an End User Agreement which describes each parties obligations.

MECCONTI and its distributors cannot sell any products to end users who have not signed the End User Agreement. Contact MECCONTI or one of its distributors if you have any questions regarding the ATCC Licensed Derivative® Program. To obtain a copy of the End User Agreement click here.