• sampling overshoes5 pairs
  • shoe covers – 1 pair
  • sample dual bag x2
  • disposable gloves – 1 pair

SKU: sk042


SK042- Hy Con BootsPlus/MRD

Sterile, pre-moistened sampling overshoes

Content of one set- 5 pairs of sterile, pre-moistened (MRD- Maximum Recovery Diluent) sampling overshoes, 1 pair of plastic shoe covers, 1 pair of sterile disposable gloves and 2 sterile sample dual bags ( closable, suitable for homogenization and incubation).

  • light and durable sampling overshoes
  • good picking properties– sampling overshoes are pre-moistened with the right amount of buffer
  • 2 sample bags included in a kit provide even more space for the sample
  • the strengthened sample bags are suitable for homogenization and incubation, does not break and does not leak
  • sterile gloves allow for hygienic changes of the sampling overshoes between the samples and protect the sample against its contamination
  • plastic shoe covers provide additional protection for shoes
  • reliable results– all materials have been tested in an external laboratory, do not inhibit microbial growth

SK042 SK042.0020 1 pack-20 pcs


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