For samples collection from solution not-disinfected surfaces, carcasses of slaughter animals (according to ISO 17604:2015) and hands.

ideal for

  • non-disinfected surfaces
  • carcasses of slaughter animals
  • hands
  • larger surfaces
  • Convenient and Easy To Use
  • Ready to Use – do not require additional moistening before sampling
  • Flexible material allows swabbing from uneven, complex surfaces
  • Smart ‘ Kangaroo’ bag – additional pocket keep the gloves before sampling and can keep a description after
  • Reliable results – components of the kit do not inhibit the microbial growth, sterile gloves reduce the cross-contamination risk
  • Higher recovery than standard used sponges or swabs
  • Reduced waste

Each sterile set contains:

  • viscose wipe pre-moistened with BPW
  • kangaroo type sample bag with a pocket for the sample description
  • 1 pair of disposable gloves

SKO13  SK013.0010 1 pack-10 pcs (2 x 5pcs)
SK013.0250 1 pack-250 pcs (50 x 5pcs)