For pre-moistening of dry sampling materials prior to dry surface swabbing.

BPW – Buffered Peptone Water

Sponges pre-moistened with BPW are dedicated for sampling carcasses at slaughterhouses (according to ISO 17604: 2015) and non-disinfected areas of production lines to be tested for detection of specific germs like Salmonella spp. or Listeria spp.

NPB- Neutralizing Peptone Buffer

In many cases, tested surface may contain traces of disinfectants and/or sanitizers, but it is also possible that in the same time tested surface contain a small number of bacteria too. In such cases, to avoid false-negative results we recommend to use our neutralizing buffer as a sampling material diluent. All of the Mecconti’s neutralizing buffers compositions comply with the requirements of ISO 18593. For a proper choice of buffer, make sure that disinfectants used in your facility are effectively deactivated by the set of neutralizers in the Mecconti’s buffer composition. Sponges and wipes pre-moistened with Neutralizing Peptone Buffer are widely used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industry. Dedicated for sampling on disinfected areas of production lines, for detection of specific germs as Salmonella spp. or Listeria spp.  and for quantitative analysis of total mesophilic microflora and indicator microorganisms like Enterobacteriaceae count.

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10 ml


10 ml