Hy Con Check

Hy Con Check S/NPB Kit


  • 10 sets of dry sterile sampling sponges
  • 10 vials of 10ml Neutralizing Peptone Buffer

For sampling from production areas subjected to disinfection



Content of one pack: 10 sets of dry sterile sampling sponges + 10vials of 10ml NPB- Neutralizing Peptone Buffer.

Commission Regulation (EC) 2073/2005 suggests to food producers microbiological testing of the production environment, because the presence of certain pathogenic microorganisms in the environment may translate into their presence in the final product. Guidelines for swab sampling methods are given in standard ISO 18593: 2005


  • For sampling from production areas subjected to disinfection
  • The neutralizing buffer neutralizes the effect of disinfectants  allows to obtain a reliable result
  • Ideal for qualitative research, for example: the detection of Salmonella spp., or Listeria monocytogenes on production lines
  • The possibility to moisten with the right amount of buffer immediately prior to sample collection from the dry surfaces, or using it for sample collection from wet surface
  • Set contains a sterile glove, to prevent accidental contamination of the sample during sample collection
  • The Kangaroo type bag includes a pocket in which you can comfortably put the description of the sample
  • Non of the components of the product inhibits microbial growth, thanks to which proper use helps in obtaining a reliable results.


application production surfaces
research type qualitative
product type for self moistening
type of moistening liquid NPB - Neutralizing Peptone Buffer
sampling material type cellulose sponge
sample bag type Kangaroo type zip bag
compliant with standard ISO 18593
compliant with EU Commission Regulation (EC) No 2073/2005
Storage Room temperature
Hy Con Check & Hy Con Dual disinfected surfaces
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